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Our Story & Voice

In 2008, a CFDA member designer & their in-house publicist had an idea. They felt that there wasn’t a resource on the Internet that truly had an unowned voice. Every media outlet was beholden to advertisers. Websites would seek to cover those companies that they felt could advertise on their sites & once they had the advertisers, they were afraid to be anything less than glowing in their reporting for fear of losing them as advertisers. The result was a media landscape that was monotonous & singular in note. Our founders set about to create a platform for the new & unknown to featured directly along side the established & time tested. Its been our guiding mantra since our first story & continues to be so to this very day.

On the pages of TheFashionList, you’ll see a student collective show reviewed along side an Italian Haute Couture collection & a new artisanal perfume reviewed next to a new coffee table design anthology or even a story about a London design house collaborating with a sneaker brand on a new workwear collection sold only at a pop-up store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood.

You may have noticed we mention the word “review”… that’s not a coincidence.  We have made it a point to not simply report a story the way a news source does, but rather we offer a point of view. Not just an opinion, per se, but rather we frame our reporting as a story & offer context to give our readers enough information to help them understand how the collection or item being written about fits into the fashionable world around us.

One other hallmark of our content is that it is always honest. We’ve never forgotten our beginning salvo… we are not afraid to tell the truth. If something works, we celebrate it for sure, but if a collection doesn’t, we don’t hesitate to share that word too. Our honesty has been described by our fans as “refreshing”, “daring”, “a breathe of fresh air”, “truthful” & even “unfair”.  We agree… except with that last one…

The formula seems to have worked.  We’ve built an archive of some 4,000 stories since we launched, enjoy consistent levels of traffic & our writers have gone on from our humble publication to work at Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar & many others. Our contributors come from all areas of the fashion world from design & retail to fashion history & journalism. Like what you read on our pages?  Tell us about it. Don’t like what you read? Tell us that too.

Our Mission

Give our readers a view behind the facade of fashion via a voice of informed honesty & knowledgeable transparency.

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